We hope for stories that engage and entertain the reader, even if you break with traditional boundaries.  In fact, we admire writers who aren’t afraid to go subterranean. People like Charles Bukowski and  Tasleema Nasreen. We love originality, verbal boldness, comedy, satire, and fearless honesty.  

There is no specific theme but bear in mind the crazy, chaotic world we inhabit.  The thing is, we don't want to limit your imagination with rigid criteria, or scare you away with demands for high-brow language, rarefied and precious.  

We like to read words on the page that most people can understand, it's the message in your words that count. What are you saying, and why are you saying it, and why should we listen?  If you can answer these questions, well done!

The magazine will be text based, with a few graphics.  Send your artwork with your piece, along with a headshot. Don't worry if you haven't got a headshot, we'll request it later if we decide to publish your work. 

Word length to 5000: short story, poem x 3, or essay or book excerpt (neg).  Please send word doc, with single 'speech marks'.  No fancy formatting, please. Times Roman or similar is fine.  Do include your bio/resume/cv, a page will do.  No headers or footers, thanks.  If you need more information, drop us a line at publish@newlondonwriters.com

We work with well-known agent Jeffrey Simmons.  All genres welcome but chiefly on the lookout for biography, and autobiography, history and historical fiction.
You must send a one-page synopsis, your bio, CV or resume, and ONE chapter. 

It's best to let us know you are submitting by emailing us at publish@newlondonwriters.com
No longer accepting online submissions. Please submit to our magazine. 

Magazine only 

Magazine only 

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